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January 22, 2018

Katie + Paige // Cheers & Lakeside Chalet, Lancaster, Ohio Wedding

Life is full of coincidences and I fully believe that when these coincidences happen it is a sign that you are supposed to be where you are in that exact moment. A sign that everything you have done in the past has led up to this point.

I met Katie and Paige a couple of months prior to their wedding day. We hit it off right away – talking about life and future plans. Anytime I asked a question about their relationship they would look at one another so lovingly. Happiness was painted all over their faces – anyone with eyeballs could see it! Katie is artistic and outgoing while Paige is more reserved and structured. Where one held a weakness the other pulled the strength. Together they are a force to be reckoned with; proving that love is love and if you share it with someone you can take on the world in any situation.

When I asked who proposed they looked at each other and laughed. 

A day every woman dreams about! How will it play out? What emotions will be felt? Will I cry? Will I laugh? Will I pass out from excitement? A ring was chosen and a plan set in place. It was just a normal day walking through town and enjoying each others company. But when Paige began pledging her love to Katie, Katie did the same. Two rings. Two people. One identical plan.

“We both did.” 

On October 7, 2017, Katie and Paige solidified their love for one another in front of their loved ones and closest of friends. Cheers Lakeside & Chalet offered the most beautiful backdrop for their wedding day. Vibrant oranges and reds balanced with soft greens and creams decorated the reception space in the most fall inspiring way. Twinkle lights, dried moss and lanterns hung from the ceilings of the covered patio where the newlywed’s held their first dance. It was just beautiful and absolutely perfect for the new Mrs. & Mrs.

Venue: Cheers & Lakeside Chalet, Lancaster, OH
Catering: In-house
Florals: The Flowerman Columbus

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