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December 21, 2017

Hannah + Tyler // Amelita Mirolo Barn, Upper Arlington, OH Wedding

Hannah and Tyler are experts at making the best lemonade out of lemons that have been thrown at them. A beautiful couple inside and out that is surrounded by so much love and support it’s no wonder they extrude positive energy and strength. They tied the knot at a Emmanual Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio on July 8, 2017. A date that wasn’t their first choice but life had other plans – and hey that’s less waiting to marry the love of your life 😉

After uniting in holy matrimony these two, along with their ecstatic bridal party, hopped in a limo and cruised around town until they reached their reception venue, Amelita Mirolo Barn. Upon entering the venue I was blown away at how amazing everything had come together. The beams were garnished with fresh eucalyptus garland; each table was adorned with beautiful flowers, custom mason jar mugs, and had table numbers painted on wood stumps. It was breathtaking just like the bride and groom. 

It is clear as day that Hannah and Tyler were made for one another – they are the epitome of “everything happens for a reason”. These two are now expecting their first baby who is due to arrve in April 2018. 

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