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June 13, 2018

Hillary + Logan // New York City couple session

My husband, Brett, and I love to get out and explore as much as possible which isn’t always easy while raising three littles. After coming out of a long, dreary winter the urge to travel hit us hard. New York has been on our bucket list for a quite a while now and is one of the closest destinations to us. With only one weekend to spare until August I reached out to Hillary who immediately accepted!

Our goal was to blend romance and big city living. How do you stop to appreciate the small things in such a large and busy area? With walking and riding the subways playing a huge role in the New York lifestyle, we made a it a priority to capture the movement and city life all around us. Hillary and Logan did not disappoint with their edgy chic vibe and photogenic chemistry. Hillary dawned a flowy micro polka-dot skirt, matching crop top, and black leather jacket; while Logan sported some simple black skinnies, a white button up, and dashing loafers.

On our walk to the subway, Hillary and I were discussing how overwhelming the city can be. The more we talked the more I could see why her and Logan made such a powerful couple. This husband and wife duo have their similarities, but their differences are what make living in this whirlwind of a place so blissful. Logan keeps her grounded when the time is right – just like Hillary helps him break that comfort bubble when he may just want to play it safe.

When our time together came to an end it was definitely bittersweet. We could have photographed them all day long! It was a trip full of exploration and inspiration. We hope you enjoy these just as much as we do.

  1. Tracy says:

    These are all amazing!! Love every single one of them!

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