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May 25, 2019

2019 Wedding Trends We Love!

With our 2019 wedding season just getting started we have noticed a few things pop up that we haven’t seen before – or that we have seen previously and we just love. Here is our list of the top twelve 2019 wedding trends that will fit in to almost any budget!

1. First dances combined (Mother of the Groom & Father of the Bride)

We love watching our sweet couples share that ever anticipated first dance with their parents. And while it surely is more of a tradition than a trend, lately we have seen both the Mother of the Groom AND the Father of the Bride getting on the dance floor at the same time! This fabulous idea not only adds an extra 5-6 minutes to your timeline (which we will get into another time – every second counts!) but it also cuts out the stress of having to find two meaningful songs, and risking your guests getting antsy. Plus it’s kinda cute to see all four of you up there, am I right?

 Venue:  Blackwell Inn

Venue: Blackwell Inn

2. Polaroid Guestbooks

This isn’t necessarily a new-new trend, but it is definitely a fun and interactive way to get your wedding guests to sign your guestbook! With so many wedding guests and party goers taking selfies already it’s a pretty cool way to go back and see their beautiful faces and love notes without having to track them down on social media.

3. Food trucks

If it saves you money, looks nice, and serves you something customizable – it must be too good to be true! False!! Food trucks are probably the best wedding catering trend we have seen in the past couple of years. Pricing for these yum producing mobiles usually starts around $10/head and you can pretty much find any style of food you prefer. Two of our favorites have been Fired Up Pizza and Johnson’s Ice Cream.

4. Thrifted Decor

Crystal vases, candle holders, porcelain plates and cups galore! These vintage finds make stunning center pieces and table accents at a super low price. The best part? You can sell them afterwards, or keep them for home decor.

5. Eucalyptus/Garland

Wildly arranged greenery gives off the most romantic and effortless vibe, but garland of any kind can cost a pretty penny whether it’s fresh or not. A great way to make up for this is by adorning only your sweetheart or head table with it. The rest of the tables could be spruced up with those gorgeous crystal pieces mentioned above!

 ^ Garland by  Shaffer Creative Co ; Styled shoot for  Henry Manor  styled by  Irish Eyes Photo  &  A Wedding by Sylvia ; Photographed by us!

^ Garland by Shaffer Creative Co ; Styled shoot for Henry Manor styled by Irish Eyes Photo & A Wedding by Sylvia ; Photographed by us!

 Venue:  Grand Barn at the Mohican

Venue: Grand Barn at the Mohican

6. Smaller bridal parties

Now hear us out on this one… We have all seen those couples with a bridal party of 20+ people and think to ourselves, do we even know that many people? But the fact of the matter is: you do. When we were planning our own wedding we started with a bridal party of 6 and that number just kept climbing as time went on. The reason being, we loved everyone and didn’t want them to think they weren’t as special. I can now say from experience that keeping your bridal party small, or even nixing it completely, is the way to go. Your friends and family will still have the time of their life just by being guests, you won’t have to go through the struggle of finding bridesmaid dresses or getting everyone fitted for tuxes, and the important people will still be by your side throughout the entire day – even if they don’t have an official label.

 Venue:  North Bank Park Pavilion

Venue: North Bank Park Pavilion

7. Capes instead of veils

Because you are a bridal queen and they are bad-ass.

 Venue:  The Windamere

Venue: The Windamere

8. Backyard weddings

When you can’t find a venue to fit your vision, have a small wedding, have a lot of land, just bought a home that you’re proud of, or if you’re simply a DIY kinda gal this wedding trend is for you. While it may not always be a cheaper alternative to finding an all-inclusive venue it most certainly can be, and it will always be your venue and no one else’s. The best part of having a backyard wedding is starting with a clean slate, building it up to perfection, and then having your brand new husband carry you over the threshold of your very own house.

9. Traveling bartenders

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the backyard wedding trend. Calculating how much alcohol you’ll need and then putting someone on drink duty can be tricky. Do you really want to sit out two bottles of tequila, two cases of beer, a box of wine, some red solo cups and hope for the best? Your Traveling Bartender brings the booze to you, sets it up in the most attractive fashion AND mixes delicious cocktails right on your back patio, or wherever you may pitch your party tent.

10. Customized koozies as favors

Everybody needs a koozy at some point in their life, okay? They are usually priced around $1/koozy and will be used again and again. This trend is a no-brainer!

11. Mix & Match bridesmaids dresses

The tradition of identical bridesmaid dresses is long gone these days! Brides are swapping this outdated tradition for a varying, yet cohesive, look. Give your ladies a few shades and tell them to pick a dress they love that’s close to it. That’s it!

12. Rentable bouquets

Yeah, I said it. Bouquets that you can rent – they exist and they are fabulous. This trend is completely new to us and we are LIVING for it! In addition to bouquets, you can also rent boutonnieres, corsages, center pieces, hair pieces, garland, and more. Click here to check out Something Borrowed Blooms!

What do you guys think? Are these trends that you’d love to see more of? Are there any that weren’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time,
Jenna + Brett

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