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November 27, 2023

A Brewery and Rooftop Engagement

A rooftop engagement session was the initial plan for Sydney & Justin’s first time in front of my camera. After meeting up with these two prior to them booking their wedding they had mentioned that they were nervous to be in front of the camera. This led to the idea of starting the session in a comfort zone – one that we were all quite familiar with.

Engagement photos at a brewery

The perk of starting a session at a local brewery is quite an obvious one. Beer tends to lower the anxiety meter and you really only need one to get the ball rolling. Another awesome thing to note is that most breweries have a moody atmosphere, and pretty cool textures, which will assist in making your photos stand out from the typical engagement photoshoot. Brewdog in Franklinton graciously hosted the first half of Sydney and Justin’s engagement session. We found a secluded booth during the brewery’s slower business hours and got started! Sydney and Justin sipped on some brews, played a quick game of Scrabble, and settled into the idea that being the subject matter isn’t so scary after all!

If you want to go to a brewery for your engagement photos please reach out to the business beforehand for approval. It’s the proper etiquette, folks!

Finding the perfect parking garage for a rooftop engagement

A rooftop engagement is not complete without a stunning view of the cityscape. In downtown Columbus, there are a handful of parking garages that have public access. Sydney and Justin were down for the adventure of finding the best parking garage for their rooftop engagement. Be prepared to pay a parking fee to get to these awesome views! In the end, we ended up scoring two views of downtown Columbus at two different locations.

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