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January 5, 2020

A stroll through German Village

This fall family session in German Village was everything dreams are made of. We started our photo adventure on Columbus Street and made our way through the town. German Village has a lot to offer with its cute shops, gorgeous homes, cobblestone streets, and friendly residents. We took full advantage of the beauty around us and made sure to stop at every unique spot we could find. Mom and Dad let the kids act out their inner sillies, and soaked up every minute of it. Along the way, Brother scooped up every colorful crunchy leaf he could find in the road and added it to his growing collection displayed on a stick. Sister twirled, skipped, and laughed while following behind the rest of the crew. As the sun (and the kiddos attention) started to leave us we had no choice but to wrap things up. With worn out kiddos and a good dose of cardio, I’d say this family session was a success.


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