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February 17, 2020

A Winter Wedding at The Grand Barn

Jenna and Angel reached out to me last year to book their winter wedding. While we only corresponded via email for the first few weeks, we already knew that we would be the perfect match for one another. Jenna told me they were planning a small wedding on Valentine’s Day at the Grand Barn and I was instantly hooked. The thought of hanging with such an awesome couple at one of our favorite venues – possibly covered in snow – on Valentine’s Day..how could anyone say no?!

Jenna was sure to point out that the roads leading up to the barn were going to be pretty scary if it did snow, and that we would need a vehicle capable of climbing the icy roads. Now, of course, we really had no idea if it would snow. Ohio seems to keep up us on our toes with an ever-changing weather forecast. In fact, the sun was high in the sky melting everything around us just the day before their winter wedding. I crossed my fingers hoping that some of it stuck up at the venue.

Getting Ready for a Winter Wedding

As we slowly approached the hill leading up to The Grand Barn my jaw dropped. I squealed, mostly due to the anticipation of what the top of the hill would bring – but also out of straight fear. The gravel was barely visible below the tightly packed snow and sheets of ice..as far as the eye could see. I gripped on to the “oh sh*t” bar above my window and told Brett to punch it. In this case, “punch it” meant accelerating to at most 10mph while my heart jumped out of my chest.

Once we reached the top of the hill (only getting stuck and having to push the SUV one time!) and pulled into the parking area my eyes lit up. It was just what Jenna and Angel had envisioned when they chose The Grand Barn. Everything was covered in fluffy snow – it truly was a winter wonderland. Time to get to work.

The First Look

Jenna glistened in her wedding gown from Henry’s. When she told me that it was on the floor as a prom dress I refused to believe her. The intricate crystal beading, layers of white tulle, and sheer bodice screamed bridal and fit Jenna like a glove! She looked like Elsa walking through the snow. As soon as Jenna and Angel finished getting dressed they stepped outside for their first look.

It was only 17 degrees outside but that didn’t stop us from exploring the grounds for a couple of hours. Because of the freezing temperatures, we took as many breaks as possible so that we wouldn’t turn into ice cubes before it was time to say “I do”. Time was passing by quickly and before we knew it guests were pulling up in the parking lot. We scooped up Jenna and Angel’s two kiddos and performed the quickest set of family photos I think I’ve ever done!

Getting Married at the Grand Barn

After wrapping up their portraits Jenna and Angel went to relax for a few minutes and freshen up while guests found their seats. The ceremony itself only lasted a few minutes, however, the emotional whispers and damp tissues made it anything but short. Right after their first kiss as husband and wife, a video began.  Jenna’s mother, who went home to be with the Lord only six months prior, left a video for the newlyweds. She congratulated them and made sure to let them know that she would always be beside them throughout their journey. There wasn’t a dry eye in the venue as Jenna’s mom pronounced the new Mr. + Mrs. Crespo.

As the sun was setting, The Grand Barn coordinator, Aimee, ran up to us and told us that a UTV was waiting for us outside for a final round of portraits. As we climbed in the vehicle I looked behind me to find a giddy bride and groom ready to take on the world. After SEVENTEEN years together, and after conquering everything in their path as a team, they were officially bound as ONE with their perfect winter wedding.

Congratulations Angel & Jenna!

Special thanks to the amazing vendors that made Jenna & Angel’s wedding day perfect…

Caterer: Hoggy’s | Dress: Henrys Cloud Nine | Venue: The Grand Barn at the Mohicans

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