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January 21, 2024

A Flora and Field Wedding

Flora and Field hosted Kristi and Ivan’s beautiful summer wedding back in 2021. After having to reschedule their wedding due to the pandemic, Flora and Field worked with them to find a new date that worked perfectly for them and their guests. Flora and Field is a wedding venue located in Mt. Sterling, Ohio which is about a forty-minute drive southwest of Columbus.

Putting a spin on tradition

Tradition states that a Bride and Groom shouldn’t see each other before the Bride walks down the aisle. However, a lot of wedding couples opt to put a new spin on the classic tradition. Over the past decade choosing to see one another before the ceremony, dubbed the “First Look”, has become more common than sticking to tradition. While the couple stays separated before the first look, much like the traditional route, the first time they lock eyes on their wedding day is held for just the two of them.

Regardless of whether they will see one another before their wedding ceremony, having a dedicated getting-ready space for each to-be spouse should be a necessity. A getting-ready space sets the tone by keeping each wedding party member determined to check things off their to-do list. Flora and Field provided ample space for both Kristi and Ivan’s wedding party members.

Are you contemplating whether or not a first look is right for you and your wedding day? Let’s chat!

A Flora and Field wedding gives options

Flora and Field has a unique layout that provides a variety of options for a wedding ceremony and reception. With the July sun beaming down all day long, Kristi and Ivan chose to hold the entire wedding indoors. In most cases, that means having to compromise space and/or working quickly to move chairs and tables around after the ceremony. However, with Flora and Field’s spacious layout, there was plenty of room for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception all in three separate areas. The best part about all of these distinguished rooms is that they are all connected!

Portraits at Flora and Field

Flora and Field sits on thirty acres of land that provides a jaw-dropping backdrop to any style of photograph including portraits and candid moments. As wedding photographers, it’s important to us that we deliver a variety of these styles while documenting the day as it plays out. Kristi and Ivan kept us busy with their chemistry, while Flora and Field served up the most beautiful setting!

Moreover, Brett and I were able to capture portraits of Kristi and Ivan at multiple points throughout the day all thanks to the First Look they shared before the ceremony and the ease of access around the venue. Kristi and Ivan’s wedding day is one that we will surely never forget!

A special shoutout to Tom from DJAtomix for bringing the party and keeping it going with STUNNING uplighting and energetic vibes! Did you peep the magenta-colored reception space above?! Phew! You can find his website below!

Wedding Day Vendors

Venue: Flora and Field, Mt. Sterling, Ohio
Catering: Emelio’s Catering
Makeup Artist: Struck by Beauty
Videographers: Daniel and Gina, Bear Creative Co.
DJ/Uplighting: Tom DjAtomix

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