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January 8, 2024

Sapphire Point Overlook Elopement

In the heart of Dillon, Colorado, Sapphire Point Overlook serves unforgettable views for a family-friendly elopement. Returning to the majestic Rocky Mountains for the second time in just nine months, our anticipation was palpable. As Ohio-based elopement photographers, the prospect of capturing another love story amidst the snow-capped peaks was a thrilling adventure! This time, our lenses would weave the narrative of Autumn and Alex’s elopement. What began with talks of an intimate vow exchange after a scenic hike soon turned into a small celebration including their closest family.

Finding a Family-Friendly Colorado Elopement Location

When originally discussing their Colorado elopement, Autumn and Alex landed on exchanging their vows deep in the mountains just the two of them. And then, a few weeks before the big day, they had a change of heart and decided to bring along their immediate family. With the couple’s new vision in mind, I embarked on the task of finding a location with mountain views that would also accommodate their desire for a family-friendly elopement.

Many mountainside elopement locations in Colorado require a specific permit and reservation to photograph and elope on the property. Considering the challenge of hosting 20 people in the mountains, Sapphire Point Overlook emerged as the perfect setting. Its panoramic views and spacious surroundings offered an ideal space for a ceremony amidst the snow-covered peaks. Sapphire Point Overlook also held a decent-sized parking lot, restrooms, and a short walk to beautiful views. Luckily, we were able to secure a reservation for an afternoon elopement and spread the news to all family members the same day.

April in Colorado and the Unpredictable

As Autumn and Alex planned their Sapphire Point Overlook Elopement, they were met with the unpredictable nature of April in the Colorado Rockies. The night before the elopement, weather forecasts hinted at a formidable snowstorm, threatening to blanket the area in a thick layer of white. The forecasted conditions were daunting, with chains on tires deemed necessary to navigate the mountainous terrain. Alex and Autumn were staying at a hotel near Colorado Springs which would mean they’d be stuck there.

Brett and I were already nestled into Hotel Frisco, just a few miles away from Sapphire Point Overlook, when the snow started to fall from the skies. The hotel concierge, a Rocky Mountain Native, told us to be prepared for the worst. With the worst-case scenario in mind, we began to brainstorm backup plans with our Bride and Groom. As we waited and watched that night the skies began to part and the snowfall ceased.

The evening came and went and Elopement day arrived. Brett and I got an early start and went up to Sapphire Point Overlook to ensure that the roads and walkways were clear. It had been confirmed, that the treacherous snowstorm we were desperately trying to avoid cleared out.

Getting Eloped at Sapphire Point Overlook

As the convoy of cars pulled into the parking lot everything began to fall into place. Sapphire Point Overlook truly fit Autumn and Alex’s needs like a glove as last-minute preparations took place in the parking lot. Once everyone was dressed (because who wants to put nice clothes on and drive two hours through the mountains) we took a short five-minute walk to the ceremony space.

Wedding couple and children prepare for their Sapphire Point Overlook Elopement in Dillon, Colorado.

As the couple exchanged vows, their two children stood beside them helping to unite their family as one. Alex’s Father officiated the ceremony. The panoramic views of Sapphire Point Overlook served as the perfect stage for the couple’s love to unfold. The inclusion of their extended family only heightened the emotional resonance of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Autumn and Alex sent their kids with their parents while we ventured around the area. Although they had changed their original elopement plans to include family, they still were able to snag some alone time in the mountains!

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