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September 9, 2018

A Nationwide Hotel Wedding

This was my first time photographing a Nationwide Hotel Wedding and I was blown away! From the main road, it looks like any other hotel – but upon entering the parking lot it has almost an old English train station feel to it. It was clear to me why our wedding couple, Katie & Brian, chose this venue. The buildings are strategically placed to make one feel as if they are traveling from one boarding zone to the next. Everything is connected with brick roads and beautiful architecture.

Getting Married at Nationwide Hotel

The Bride and Groom are both treated with the convenience of their own spacious hotel rooms for wedding day preparation. It’s obvious that keeping wedding party members comfortable is of utmost importance to the Nationwide Hotel wedding staff. Once dressed and ready, Katie and Brian met for a first look right outside of their hotel rooms. With each section of the hotel within walking distance, we were able to crank out a variety of portraits with time to spare.

The interior space of the reception area was decked out with wooden beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a cozy brick fireplace. During the day it was a simple, elegant space – perfect for any Bride’s style. After the sun went down the white walls reflected the lights from the DJ’s booth creating an exciting and lively atmosphere for guests. 

The forecast called for rain and thunderstorms all day – but we didn’t see a single bit of it! With overcast skies and sunshine peeking through every now and then, Katie and Brian’s wedding day was nothing short of amazing. Not only did these two have an intimate and emotional ceremony – they threw one heck of a party, too! So much so that Brutus the Buckeye decided to pop in and share a special dance with the new Mr. & Mrs. The whole day went as smooth as butter and it was an honor to work with such a deserving and loving couple.

Congratulations Katie & Brian! 

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